Mittelalter Tunics & Tabarts

Tunis and Surcoats

for Knights, Vikings and Nobleren

What does a temple knight, feather fencers and swordsplayers other than Two-handed swords, swords and rapiers? A proper surcoat, of course! We offer tunics and surcoats with or without coat of arms and they fit every chain mail. Are you wearing the Fleur de Lys or the untamable wolf as a coat of arms on your chest? What are the colors of your dynasty? With a tunic made of velvet a noblemen will definitely stand out of the crowd - real noblemen are educated and can afford expensive fabrics (however, our velvet tunic are affordable for everyone)! A true viking will probably sneer at these mollycoddled fancyworks. But don't worry, we also have simply cotton tunics without ornaments, also for farmers, journeymen and townsmen.